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How To Cut Glass
Cutting a small piece os glass

How To Cut Glass

Do you think glass cutting hard?! It isn´t, but just following the right instructions you´ll be capable of. Learn how to cut glass using our simple guide below!! The most common glass (and the easiest to cut) is the 1.8” (3.1mm) clear glass or “Double Strengh” on which this tutorial was based.

Method Limitations:
Can´t  be too long (24” is long) 
Failure Rate is very High
The glass piece has to be 6” wide at least

  • Clean the surface around the cut area, any piece of grime or silica (which protects from scratching each glass side) will ruin yor cut. Use your finger to run along the surface you´ll cut.
  • Obtain a glass cutter and some light oil. Pass the cutter in the oil before you cut the glass. An oiled cutter creates a smoother cut line.
  • Grasp your cutter like a pencil. Make sure to look at the wheel and its orientation to the glass and align it properly.
  • Use a scrap piece of glass to practice on. Apply pressure to the glass as you pull the cutter along the surface, rolling on the small carbide wheel. The score must run from one edge of the glass to the other edge. Listen for a smooth sound like ripping silk. Other sound means that you are pushing too hard or that you did not oil your cutter. The less sound you make, the better your score will be. If you push too hard (a very common mistake), your cut gets "hot” and gives a bad result.
    You are aiming to get a uniform score. If you are pressing too hard in one spot and perfectly in another, the glass will not break the way that you want it to.
  • Cut along a straight edge using a meter ruler. Use something that has a high enough profile so that it won't conflict with the wheel on the cutter, as would a ruler with a thin metal edge.
  • Grasp each side of the cut as if you were trying to break a potato chip in half with two hands. All it takes is minor pressure. It is all in the wrist action, rotate them like if you want to break something through the weak point (the cutting).
    #Note: It may simply start as a "run." A run is where the glass is starting to break along your score, keep doing it and you're done as soon as you have two pieces of glass instead of the one you started with.
  • Remove the sharp edge using, for example, a sharpening stone. This edge will be where the vertical edge meets the horizontal surfaces. Not only does sanding reduce the chances of your being cut but sanded glass is less likely to chip along the edges and has some added strength.
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